About Us

Your safety is our only business.


Samscloud is a security platform designed for schools and organizations to streamline emergency response plans and support incident management. We are leading a dramatic transformation in emergency response, providing collaborative tools that increase efficiency, improve visibility, and enhance transparency.

Our Mission

Samscloud’s mission is to provide innovative security solutions that connect and serve communities in maintaining a safe environment in every location, whether it be school, religious gatherings, work, or entertainment venues. Ultimately, Samscloud’s mission is to make the world a safer place by reducing and minimizing the risks of terrorism, mass shootings, or other related public disasters. Samscloud is about building trust and respect with our users and envisions a connected community of caring people equipped with the tools and technology needed to provide security for their families, students, customers, and employees.

Why Samscloud?

In such unpredictable environments, business and education leaders struggle to establish a solid strategy to improve the safety of employees, students, and faculty. Safety administrators are now searching out innovative solutions and tools to keep their campuses safe. To mitigate threats, officials have made some drastic changes. Many of the methods adopted are incredibly invasive, costly, and require a significant shift in the learning environment. While some may be effective, most are counterproductive and provide little to no advantage against individuals with the intent to kill or do harm. Unfortunately, the world today is seeing a rise in terrorism, and the methods that could prevent active shootings are inadequate due to the intermittent and unpredictable nature of the shooters.

Samscloud has spent the last ten years researching safety issues and solutions. We’ve collaborated with business leaders, school administrators, students, law enforcement, emergency responders, and the latest technology leaders to design and deliver a solution that effectively addresses today’s safety complexities. Samscloud has developed a product suite focusing on emergency management’s crucial aspects: threat identification, improved response time, enhanced collaboration, intelligent insights, expanded visibility, safety strategy, and response workflows.

Gary Baker
Chief Executive Officer, Founder, and Chairman

Gary Baker is the Chief Executive Officer, Founder, and Chairman at Samscloud, launched in 2017. Gary graduated from Baylor University in 2000. He is now a well-respected IT executive with 20+ years of experience in multiple digital transformation initiatives for Fortune 100 companies. Gary is the visionary behind Samscloud and leads the company in the transformation of the personal security industry. His focus is on platform strategy, operations, and building a company of intelligent, innovative individuals with integrity, commitment, and drive.