To address the growing school safety complexities, we developed a mobile and SaaS solution to provide the protection of a personal guardian. Our team closely collaborated with school administrators, parents, students, law enforcement, emergency responders, and innovative technology leaders to understand school safety concerns from multiple perspectives. That unique mix of talent and knowledge resulted in Samscloud – one of the most innovative school safety solutions.

Our Product

Samscloud is a SaaS solution for school safety, available as a Web application, native iOS, and Android mobile app. It has a fully functional, responsive admin dashboard accessible from any mobile device. Samscloud has developed a product suite that focuses on the crucial aspects of your school’s safety strategy and emergency response plan,  threat identification, access management, surveillance,  enhanced insights, and student reunification.

Clear, Intuitive Incident Management Dashboard

Samscloud has taken significant strategic steps to enhance emergency communications and reduce response times. During an incident or an emergency on campus, responders can seamlessly manage the incident, staff, students, or visitors with Samsclouds’ easy-to-use intuitive dashboard. Our patented technology immediately connects the users to the on-premise security personnel.

Here are some of the benefits we provide our clients:

  • Simple Live Incidents Management
  • Pin-Point Incident Location
  • Live Video Streams/Chat
  • Changing View Focus (Video/Map)
  • Reporter’s Profile View
  • Viewing Responders Locations and ETA
  • Automatic CCTV Area Analysis
  • Incidents Transfer between Dispatchers
  • Emergency Messages
  • Running Scenarios with Predefined Workflows

Creating and Sending Reports

We understand how receiving a report of a spill, or a tip of a threat of violence could be the difference between a good day and a disastrous one. Samscloud has a configurable system to connect users who would like to report concerns and route those reports directly to the responsible team or team members in your organization.

Samscloud lets users perform such actions:

  • Create New Reports
  • Select Reports Types for Proper Routing
  • Auto Location Capture
  • Add Report Details & Media (Picture/Video)
  • Select Organizations to Send Reports
  • Send Anonymously (Optional)
  • Submission  Status
  • Submission Review

Dashboard and Dispatch Management

The ability to reduce response time depends on the speed of communication and ensuring the correct information gets to the right people at the right time. Samscloud helps organizations respond during an emergency with precise coordination providing transparency and visibility, giving our customers a strategic advantage.

Live Broadcast and
Video Conferencing

No matter what format you choose to communicate with your users, subscribers, and visitors, Samscloud has you covered.

  • Choose Broadcast Type (Audio/Video)
  • Control Audio/Video
  • Select Audience
  • See Participation Totals
  • View Audience List
  • Control Participant Interaction
  • Send Messages
  • Send Private Messages
  • Switch Presenters
  • Pause Live Broadcast

Active Shooter

In the 10 minutes of terror, what’s your plan?

Samscloud assists organizations in the successful execution of their Emergency Action Plan.

There are multiple ways to trigger the emergency action plan, including:

  • Threat assessment utilizing AI and Predictive Intelligence
  • Object Recognition Software using CCTV
  • Users can report threats through the Samscloud mobile application.

Samscloud’s emergency notification system alerts staff and first responder allowing:

  • Advanced insights and strategic response for incident management
  • Real-time communication and collaborative tools for on-premise staff and response teams

When dispatchers trigger scenarios to lock down their campuses, they can seamlessly provide detailed emergency evacuation information for staff and students, resulting in saved lives.

Robust Defense against Active Shooters

Samscloud has successfully executed its technological vision with the advisement and guidance of numerous leading safety consultants. Many of our consultants have served in the public sector, including the FBI, Homeland Security, Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriff, EMTs, the US Army, Air Force, and Marines. Through this depth of experience and collaboration, Samscloud has strategically combined multiple software and hardware technologies, resulting in a critical advantage in combating this active shooter epidemic.

There are multiple options for triggering the Active Shooter scenario once created. Students and Staff can execute the Active Shooter alert through the mobile application. Dispatch will then receive the notification, validate, assess relevant intervention decisions, and run the specified scenario for a campus-wide response.

Samscloud Object Recognition software also gives organizations an edge in their defense against active shooters. Our software recognizes weapons, and when our system detects a gun through CCTV, it automatically notifies dispatch. Before a shot is ever fired, we could communicate a campus-wide locked down.

Active Shooter

The FBI has designated 24 shootings in 2018 and 28 in 2019 as active shooter incidents. See how Samscloud can help.

COVID-19 Product Suite

Utilize the COVID-19 suite of products, including test and vaccine records management, travel pass, contact tracing, tagging, scoring, and analytics to assess risks and protect yourself and others.


Let’s stop bullying together. Samscloud can help protect and maintain a safe learning environment as well as develop a culture of respect.

COVID-19 Product Suite

Utilize the COVID-19 suite of products, including test and vaccine records management, travel pass, contact tracing, tagging, scoring, and analytics to assess risks and protect yourself and others.

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