Frequently asked questions

  • Can the solution connect to the district’s Student Information System to automatically update classroom rosters?

    Samscloud can connect via API to systems such as PowerSchool, Focus and can support integration with OneRoster. To ensure student rosters are continuously up-to-date, automated roster updates can be scheduled as required.

  • Is the solution fully functional from mobile application?

    Samscloud provides a full end-to-end solution available both as a native iOS and Android mobile app. It has a fully functional, responsive admin dashboard accessible from any mobile device.

  • Can the solution provide multiple district view to first responders?

    Responding organizations can quickly navigate between accounts they are associated with. They also can access multiple views based on email association, receive alerts, and view multiple incidents at different campuses simultaneously. Organizations can also view their responders’ locations in real time. For more details about its features and configurations, please request a demo.

  • Does the solution provide role-based access control functionality?

    With Samscloud, administrators can easily control users’ access and permissions by assigning individual users to roles or adding them to groups. The roles and user groups help reduce the complexities of managing authorizations for users of your organization’s account.

  • Does the solution provide auditing of all actions, communications, videos, and messaging?

    Authorized users can view, edit, retrieve, and delete all history and application activity, including communications, video, and messaging. All administrative functions can be granted or limited by the specific role assigned by administrators.

  • Does the solution provide alerting based on incidents, roles, and location?

    The platform uses geofencing location technology to identify organizations affiliated with Samscloud. We route incidents to a dispatch by matching the location of the reporter to the geofence owner.

  • Does the solution provide siren alerting, including multiple siren sounds so alerts can be differentiated?

    To differentiate between incident alerts, users can add a specific sound and associate it with a particular incident type. Then when triggered, the selected Scenario or Incident will play the specific sound for the incident type.

  • Is the solution able to send text, voice to text, audio, image, video, file, or GPS pin?

    Samscloud allows authorized users to send messages to groups, roles, or specific geolocation or GPS pin. The users can send text, recorded audio, and pre-recorded audio/video messages. They can also utilize live (video/audio) broadcasting and choose audiences.

  • Does the solution provide contact management and search independent of users’ personal contacts?

    Samscloud has a contact management system that allows users to join or be added to the system independently of personal contacts.

  • Can we mass upload contacts from .csv files?

    Users can be added via a .csv upload or through a roster management system.

  • Does the solution have a map management capability for multiple maps, role-based access, quick updates, and sharing?

    Samscloud allows users to create multiple maps, which can be used in conjunction with other features. Maps can be used to mark checkpoints in routes, create geofences, add assets, and send messages to users in specific locations.

  • Is there a robust checklist management capability?

    Executable checklists can be created in Scenarios that sync with an organization’s emergency action plan.

  • Is there a robust roster management capability?

    Samscloud gives administrators full control of users, roles, groups, and permissions. It can be used as a stand-alone platform or integrated with any roster management software solution’s API.

  • Does Samscloud have a flashlight, siren, and panic button in its mobile application?

    The Samscloud mobile application has multiple panic reporting features that go beyond a basic panic button. The features represent the active shooter slider, shake to notify, speech recognition, and request for a responder button.

  • Does the solution have point-to-point video call capability?

    When an incident is triggered, a video call connecting the reporter to dispatch is automatically started. The video will also be routed to the on-premise assigned dispatchers and first responders

  • Does the solution have a training management capability?

    Samscloud offers a “Sandbox” environment for training end-users and administrators. It will allow users to gain experience and understand the basic functionalities of the application.

  • Does the solution have a robust reunification management capability?

    Samscloud addresses the many complexities that come with the reunification process. Our solution provides administrators with tools to communicate, connect, and organize, ensuring the safe reunification of a student and their caregiver.

  • Is the solution hosted off-premises?

    The solution is hosted off-premises in Amazon Drive.