Your family’s safety and wellbeing are of the utmost importance to us. Samscloud is always on guard protecting the people you love. We have no greater treasure than that of our children and families.


With so much happening in our world, parents want to ensure that their children are safe. Whether it’s another student bullying or a stranger with bad intentions, Samscloud empowers parents with the tools to prevent and protect their families from these horrendous acts more effectively.

We understand parents’ concerns and fears of their children being involved in accidents or hurt in an attack. With a family first approach, Samscloud has simplified personal mobile security to ease parental concerns and provide peace of mind. Samscloud addresses many of the top parental concerns in our world today. According to a recent poll taken in the US by, here are the top 5.

  • 30%

    Fear their child will be
    hurt in an accident.

  • 25%

    Fear someone will hurt
    or attack their child.

  • 23%

    Fear their children won’t
    feel safe in the world.

  • 14%

    Fear their kids will be
    kidnapped or abducted.

  • 8%

    Fear their kids
    will be bullied.

Family GeO

Samscloud incorporates its location services allowing parents to set up multiple geo based groups. Families can quickly set-up zones, messaging groups, and alerts to ensure their loved ones make it to and from their destinations safely.


See how it works and what options and benefits users get with Samscloud’s Family GeO:

  • If a child or family member enters or exits a location, the parent or GeO manager will receive a notification
  • Parents can set up GeOs in just a few quick clicks.
  • A user can set up notification triggers based on location points and radius
  • GeO managers can add multiple checkpoints (home, bus stop, school, etc.) to request a check-in from users not sharing their location
  • Users can add and remove members
  • There is an option to set scheduled activities (time/location)

Requesting Help

When a family member needs assistance, Samscloud will instantly notify saved emergency contacts with a simple voice command or a phone shake. Users can add more emergency contacts to route alerts when an incident is initiated. Once the incident is started, the user can select the incident type. Our system automatically notifies local organizations within proximity of the incident for an immediate response and incident monitoring.

Here are some simple ways a user can quickly initiate an incident:

  • 1. Hey Siri, start Samscloud
  • 2. Open App and shake your phone
  • 3. Open App and click Start
  • 4. Open App and click the Responder


When responding to an incident, Samscloud provides real-time information and situation visibility allowing the responders improved assessment capabilities and strategy execution.

Samscloud Has You Covered

Our advanced patented technology connects any app user with local dispatchers and their emergency contacts. No need to add a mobile number or emails to a system. Just a simple click, shake or voice command and Samscloud activates and automatically routes the designated dispatcher and/or monitoring center. Leaving the work for the day and headed to the arena to catch a game, Samscloud has you covered.

  • Reporter’s family emergency contacts receive incident notification and alerts
  • Samscloud notifies monitoring center/dispatch
  • Event is time stamped
  • Incidents are securely stored in the cloud
  • Location and real time tracking of ongoing incidents
  • System streams live video and audio
  • It enables incident video chat with responders
  • Direct messaging with responders and emergency contacts
  • Users can hide and lock the screen of an ongoing incident
  • Audio controls and mute on/off
  • Incident type verification for response decisions
  • Resolution and incident closure messages
  • Retrievable and shareable incidents
  • Service and Maintenance reporting
  • “See Something Say Something” reporting

Active Shooter

The FBI has designated 24 shootings in 2018 and 28 in 2019 as active shooter incidents. See how Samscloud can help.

COVID-19 Product Suite

Utilize the COVID-19 suite of products, including test and vaccine records management, travel pass, contact tracing, tagging, scoring, and analytics to assess risks and protect yourself and others.


Let’s stop bullying together. Samscloud can help protect and maintain a safe learning environment as well as develop a culture of respect.

COVID-19 Product Suite

Utilize the COVID-19 suite of products, including test and vaccine records management, travel pass, contact tracing, tagging, scoring, and analytics to assess risks and protect yourself and others.

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