When being pulled over, it’s important that a driver remembers an officer must consider their safety and the possibility of an assault and even death at every citizen contact. According to statistics reported to the FBI, 89 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty in 2019. Due to the unknown, it’s essential to separate the people from the problem and simply be prepared in case of possible escalation.


Samscloud helps ensure that citizens have their encounters securely captured in the cloud and retrievable in case evidence is ever needed. If escalation is required, the encounter can be routed and observed live by advocacy groups and your personal contacts to monitor the situation in an effort to resolve conflict without violence.

Escalation – Reporter

Samscloud is introducing innovative tools to help citizens address the issues surrounding police accountability. Under the First Amendment, taking photographs and recording a video of your encounter is your right. No officer may confiscate, delete, or demand to view your pictures or videos without a warrant under any circumstances. The truth is good cops don’t mind.

  • Share Incident Location
  • Switch Video to Self Mode
  • Select Incident Type
  • 911 Incident Integration
  • View Responders’ Location and ETA
  • Switch Focus (Map/Video)
  • Video/Text Chat with Responders
  • Stealth Mode to Hide Ongoing Incident
  • Lock Ongoing Recording

Citizen Safe – Incident Observation

A user has the option to initiate an incident when pulled over or stopped by an officer. If a user is subscribed to an advocacy group when the user starts an event, that group will be notified and begin to observe the ongoing incident. If the user has added family or friends to their account, the added contacts will also be notified with the reporter’s location and can observe the live video stream.

  • Notification of Advocacy Group
  • Viewing the Live Stream and Dispatch Resources if Required
  • View options (location or video)
  • Managing Live Incidents
  • Pin-Pointing Incident Location and Navigation
  • Live Video Streams
  • Accessing Reporter Profile for Identification
  • Live Video Chat
  • Dispatch of Local Responders
  • Automatic CCTV Area Analysis
  • Transfer Incidents
  • Internal Messaging
  • Run Incident-Based Scenarios

Reporting an Incident

When a user reports an incident their contacts will receive:

  • Prompt Notification
  • Incident Location and Navigation
  • Reporter’s Travel Speed
  • 911 Integration
  • Live Video Stream
  • Incident Sharing
  • Text and Video Chat
  • Incident Retrieval

Policing, Observation, and Reporting

Samscloud empowers citizens. By working together citizens can improve systemic police accountability through transparency. Recording and streaming live incidents gives the public an additional tool to quickly report misconduct and hold police departments accountable for their officer’s actions. Remember a citizen should never interfere or obstruct an officer in the line of duty even if an officer is abusing their power. Capture and stream from a safe distance and let your video be the key to improved policies and practices that serve and protect the interests of communities.

A Change Will Come

Police brutality and the publicizing of unwarranted, excessive, and often illegal use of force against civilians by U.S. police officers are rising. It has been the focus of many debates since the death of George Floyd. The complaints range from harassment and simple assault to allegations of murder. The recording of George Floyd’s alleged murder has sparked many discussions and has undoubtedly changed the world. Video recording of such incidents is proving to be a powerful tool in the push for police reform.

Active Shooter

The FBI has designated 24 shootings in 2018 and 28 in 2019 as active shooter incidents. See how Samscloud can help.

COVID-19 Product Suite

Utilize the COVID-19 suite of products, including test and vaccine records management, travel pass, contact tracing, tagging, scoring, and analytics to assess risks and protect yourself and others.


Let’s stop bullying together. Samscloud can help protect and maintain a safe learning environment as well as develop a culture of respect.

COVID-19 Product Suite

Utilize the COVID-19 suite of products, including test and vaccine records management, travel pass, contact tracing, tagging, scoring, and analytics to assess risks and protect yourself and others.

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